3E Technologies Corporation


For more than 30 years 3E technologies corporation has been producing a broad range of connectors to the automotive and electronic industries. Our range of connectors is designed for many varied applications including audio, computers, automotive and other industrial uses in any shape and size such as

  • electric plug-in connectors
  • grounding connectors
  • water proof connectors
  • AC power connectors
  • RCA phono connectors
  • XLR connectors
  • DIN connectors
  • USB / firewire connectors
  • board to board connectors
  • board in connectors
  • fiber optic connectors
  • FPC connectors with solder depot
  • PCB connectors
  • edge card connectors
  • wire to board connectors
  • power SIMM smart card connectors
  • connectors for automotive glass

To learn more about our technologies please send us a message.